Intechnica Cert GmbH is a leading, globally active certification organization. As an environmental expert organisation we carry out validations according to EMAS as well as certifications and testings according to the Environmental Audit Act and other legal regulations, e.g. Ordinance on Specialist Waste Management Companies, Packaging Act. As an accredited certification organisation we carry out audits according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and EU-EHS.
The majority of our auditors and EU-EHS auditors have been working in our team for more than 10 years and have on average more than 15 years of professional experience in a whole range of certification fields. This level of experience ensures that our clients are continuously supported at a consistently high level. With our competence and our comprehensive range of services, we would like to offer our customers certification services from a single source with a holistic approach.
We commit ourselves to the following principles:
– We use our competence and our pragmatic, holistic approach to add value for the customer.
– We are committed to impartiality, identify and manage conflicts of interest and ensure the objectivity of our certification activities. An unprejudiced, objective, factual and risk-related approach is always used to make decisions.
– We are committed to using only highly qualified auditors and EU EHS auditors. All auditors and EU-EHS inspectors deployed must prove their qualifications, not only in terms of their professional expertise but also in terms of their social competence. We draw on the smallest possible pool of auditors and EU-EHS auditors so that we can also check and develop their qualifications.
– We maintain an open and non-discriminatory corporate culture. This is the basis for dealing with customers, partners and interested parties.
– All customer data and information that we gain access to during the audit is treated in strict confidence.
Nuremberg, 08.08.2018

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