Complaints Procedure

Our goal is to quickly process your complaints and objections to certification and verification procedures and to derive meaningful and sustainable measures from them.
Complaints and objections should be submitted to us in writing – by letter or by e-mail ( Incoming reports will be acknowledged and, after gathering all necessary information, will be processed by the management of the certification body. In intensive cooperation with the complainant, we will examine the complaint or objection impartially and intensively. A proposal for a solution is prepared by the body.

If no amicable solution can be found, our Committee to ensure Impartiality is consulted. Its decision is binding for the complainant and the certification body.
Our aim is to process the complaints and objections in full and to respond in writing.

Definition of terms

– Personal: Complaint about dissatisfaction with the behaviour of an employee / auditor of Intechnica Cert GmbH
– Third party complaint: Complaint of a third party about a customer certified by Intechnica Cert GmbH
– Procedural: objection to declare disagreement with the result of a conformity assessment (audit)

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