Most have over 10 years experience, which ensures that many of our clients come back time and again for our services; they appreciate the high-level of support they receive and the detailed solutions that fulfil all of their corporate, environmental, strategic and manufacturing needs.

Reinhard Mirz


Managing Director
Environmental Verifier/Auditor

Reinhard joined Intechnica in May 1995 and became Managing Director of Intechnica Cert in 2014, heading up all operations that run out of this Certification specialist company. He is a physicist and environmental verifier, currently active as an auditor/certifier in the management systems according to environment, energy, and occupational health and safety.

In addition, his specialist field is waste law and waste management and is intensively involved in the topics of waste management companies, the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) or the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).

He has been described as a workaholic but with a lot of patience, and creative council for his team, however, it doesn’t stop him driving them crazy with feeling he has to continually explain the never-ending standards in the certification process along with all of their updates to everyone.

Luckily with all of this intensity in regularly explaining the detail, he likes a few beers with family and friends to help him relax. We did say “workaholic” didn’t we?

Maria Vorbrugg

Deputy head of the certification body

Maria joined the team in September 2019 and has been deputy head of the certification body since 1.6.2021. Maria is busy, busy, busy, incredibly efficient and widely accomplished.

She has cross-culture, international experience in many different industry sectors. She is not only accomplished in English and a certified translator for Spanish and French and fluent in German of course, because she was born there, but she also has a perfect understanding of Greek, which is her native language. She is also a professional in business administration and operations in CCI.

So all in all, what with her energy and passion for travelling, and investment in friends and family; her description by her colleagues seems to fit –
“A charming pain in the neck who quickly takes responsibility for all kinds of jobs and is gently persuasive with others to get them to comply with all of the internal procedures, we tend to forget about”….busy, busy!

Steffi Quednau

Secretarial team

Steffi has been a reliable part of our Secretarial team since 2003, her role is to prepare and coordinate certification audits, above all DAkkS audits, write the detail of offers and the calculation of audit times, making sure they are executed exactly in-line with internal procedures, which is great for those colleagues who perhaps feel unable to keep to all of the detail all of the time.

Steffi always finds time for a laugh and loves to socialise with her colleagues and friends especially if it involves music and hiking in the countryside.

Legal Experts (from around the world)

We operate globally for some of our clients and therefore appoint trusted and valued
legal experts and auditors from the countries in which we operate.

Rebecca Cameron (Canada)

Pavel Pandarski (Bulgaria)

Oh Chang Kwon (Korea)

Martin Looser (Switzerland)

Markus Haderer (Austria)

Abdelkarim Maamouri (France)

Katali Varszegi (Hungary)

Jitka Vacinova (Czech Republic)

Ivan Stacioni (Brazil)

Igor Iidareta (Spain)

Guohua Lin (China)

Gopal Krishna (India)

Dave Boyd (USA)

Federico Lavoriero (Italy)

Carmen Luminita Dima (Romania)

Shoeb Khan (UK)

Andrea Klammer (Italy)

Our Intechnica Auditors

Dr. Norbert Hiller


Dr. Reiner Beer


Dr. Udo Ammon


Dr. Volker Tröbs


Thomas Täuber


Melanie Weidner


Jochen Fröhlich


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